Hi, my name is Cindy Charles and I am the founder of  Fertile Life. My fertility journey started aged 32 and like for many women once married, starting a family was our next step. Two years sailed by and we decided to go for tests. All seem OK and we were referred to a local Consultant for further investigations. Scans showed damage to my fallopian tubes and internal adhesions.

Surgery followed to try and improve my situation but didn't result in pregnancy. We were then encouraged to try IVF, which we did twice and it didn't work. Costs were beginning to mount as we were ineligible for NHS funding but we battled on and decided to try a different clinic.

It was here I began to meet others in the same situation and really benefited from the relief found in sharing our journey with others. Fortunately, the third attempt was successful and I now have a daughter aged 10 and a son, 7. 

I have subsequently worked for London Women's Clinic for a number of years as a Fertility Coach and Support Group Facilitator, as well as  for Fertility Network UK. I regularly organise support events for couples and Single women, in fact over 50 to date. I am also a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner. I feel privileged to be able work with individuals and couples to help them manage their physical and mental well-being during their fertility journey and look forward to meeting you soon...

Better You, Better Baby

At Fertile Life my unique service offers you support from the time you start trying for a baby, naturally or through IVF, right through to birth, breast feeding and early days parenting.

We know that many people they don't always have the social network required to support you in  your transition from being independent to becoming a family and that sometimes extra counsel can be really helpful in making your fertility journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Using my innovative coaching service, I create a plan especially tailored to your needs and aspirations and work with you to make it happen. I encourage positive healthy living practices that help mind and body with the adjustments needed to become a successful and happy family.

I also help you to communicate more effectively with your partner and family & friends so that you feel more confident in your en-devours. I am also able to offer coaching on sustaining a career whilst raising a family.