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Welcome to Fertility Know How!

Are you trying to conceive?

Do you need advice and support about clinical fertility services, nutrition, holistic therapies and more - saving you time, tears and money?

Would you like access to some of the most trusted experts in the UK and beyond?

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Clinical Consulting

Are you struggling to conceive and feel confused about the choices ahead?

There's no denying fertility treatment is disorientating, emotionally draining and expensive.

Therefore, make sure you know the facts before buying expensive services from clinics and other organisations.

Our Embryology Specialist Shadi Khalil of The IVF Company, has over 20 years experience in the NHS and in private practice and can tell you all you need to know about the IVF process so that you can make informed choices about your next steps.

Just one Consultation could save you lots of time, tears and of course money. 

 The Premier

Beginnings ,Bumps and Beyond Fertility Care Service 

Fertility Coaching


For many people, namely 1 in 6 of reproductive age, becoming a parent isn't as straightforward as anticipated. Whether you are a heterosexual couple, single woman or gay/lesbian couple; our unique coaching model helps you assess your situation and determine a practical and cost effective way forward through the maze of treatments and options available, to enable you to realise your dream of having a family.

Our supportive and empathetic approach can be of enormous value  whilst you are undertaking fertility treatment or investigating other parenting options. We understand the stress that infertility can cause and the wider repercussions that it can have on your work, relationships and of course health. Whether it's face to face, email, phone or Zoom, we offer a cost effective service tailored to your needs.

We also host regular events so you can meet others in the same situation, which can be really liberating.

Dietary Advice


What you eat can have a major impact on your general health, fertility and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many people seeking IVF services are turned away from the NHS and private clinics because of their high Body Mass Index (BMI)

With our affiliated team we will identify the causes of over eating and create moderate and sustainable nutritional plans to get you in to the best shape possible to become a parent. 

Holistic Therapies

Research shows that suffering from infertility can cause depression and feelings of isolation. Holistic therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, 

and Hypnotherapy can produce a sense of control and well-being that maybe beneficial to success rates. At FKH we work with our team of trusted and accredited practitioners, providing you with peace of mind that you are being treated by the best experts in their field.

And we'll keep you updated...